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2011 Advanced Risk Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp by Attilio Meucci

Discussion in 'Events' started by Andy Nguyen, 7/26/11.

  1. Andy Nguyen

    Andy Nguyen Member

    Note: Quantnet members qualify for a partner rate ($1,200)

    Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management Bootcamp
    August 15–20, 2011, New York​

    - More information: http://symmys.com/arpm-bootcamp
    - Registration: http://symmys.com/arpm-bootcamp/registration
    - Contact: arpm.bootcamp@symmys.com

    - Finance professionals with quantitative background (portfolio managers, risk managers, traders, financial engineers, quantitative analysts, research teams)
    - Academics and students from a quantitative field

    Attilio Meucci, PhD, CFA. Chief Risk Officer at Kepos Capital LP. Author - Risk and Asset Allocation - Springer. Regular contributor to publications, including Risk Magazine and GARP Risk Professional Magazine

    • 40 credits - CFA Institute Continue Education Program
    • 40 credits - GARP Continuing Professional Educational Program
    • 3 academic credits - Baruch College, Master's in Financial Engineering Program (for enrolled MFE students)
    • Certificate in Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (upon completion of an optional examination)
    Mingle with like-minded people; meet our guests speakers Rob Almgren, Peter Carr, Emanuel Derman, Bruno Dupire, Bob Litterman, Fabio Mercurio; network with our coporate partners Sebastian Ceria - Axioma, Mark Carhart - Kepos Capital LP, Dan diBartolomeo - Northfield

    $850 (Academic/Student); $1,200 (Partner), $1,550 (Professional)
    Quantnet members qualify for a partner rate ($1,200) (on registration page, select partner rate, and enter code "QN Code 2344" on the comment box).
  2. Joy Pathak

    Joy Pathak Swaptionz

    I will be there.
  3. Joy Pathak

    Joy Pathak Swaptionz

    Anyone else from quantnet going? It starts Monday!
  4. Nick Yang Cai

    Nick Yang Cai Equity Quant

    Was there last year. Really worth attending
  5. Lyosha

    Lyosha Psychic in Training

    You have my sword!
  6. Joy Pathak

    Joy Pathak Swaptionz

    umm.. what?
  7. Vu Nguyen

    Vu Nguyen New Member

    I'm gonna be there. Study group?

    PS: Thanks Quantnet for partner rate btw!
    Andy Nguyen likes this.
  8. Mutian Yang

    Mutian Yang New Member

    I'll be there! Can't wait.
  9. pixelm

    pixelm New Member

    are there any non Baruch students going to this?
  10. Joy Pathak

    Joy Pathak Swaptionz

    Last year there were only 3 Baruch students attending.
  11. alain

    alain Older and Wiser

    There is usually more than 100 participants. I attended in 2009. There are mostly practitioners.

    Here are pictures from last year's event.

  12. Lyosha

    Lyosha Psychic in Training

    More than 200. Only a dozen at most will be Baruch students.
  13. dstefan

    dstefan Baruch MFE Director

    225 participants, 30 countries, 6 continents.
  14. David Rappaport

    David Rappaport New Member

    I will be attending.
  15. rajanS

    rajanS Active Member

    and i will be greeting you guys.
  16. Zororo Makumbe

    Zororo Makumbe New Member

    I hold a Masters degree in mathematics and satisfy the minimum requirements to take the certification. However, I am a new entrant into the quants career field. Would the ARPM certification be good for a person at my level?
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