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2018 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

Chee Tan

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Can you please also publish the ranking of online/part-time programs ?
Many institutions have started online/part-time program for working professions. It would be helpful for all of us


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@Andy Nguyen where does the data come from?

From publicly available information, I can't see Columbia MFE's placement rate as you have reported. Do Columbia MFE and other programs report these numbers to you directly?

Andy Nguyen

@Andy Nguyen where does the data come from?

From publicly available information, I can't see Columbia MFE's placement rate as you have reported. Do Columbia MFE and other programs report these numbers to you directly?
Yes as is the case for all of our rankings and explained in the methodology page.
2018 MFE Programs Rankings Methodology
29 master programs in Financial Engineering, Mathematical Finance, Quantitative Finance were surveyed from September to November 2017 on admission, placement, and career services information. 28 of the 29 programs responded and 27 provided the data needed to calculate the rankings based on a weighted average of the categories described below.


According to the full-time placement statistics of CMU MSCF for the year 2017, the minimum base salary offered was $22,656. Is it really this low or is it some kind of an error?
cmu mscf placement.png

Mikey V

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Do the employment statistics for the University of Washington take into account graduates from the online program, or only graduates from the on-campus program?
I had the same question. Also in the same light it makes me wonder why Chicago and GT have lower employment at graduation?


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Hello everybody, who reads this post.
I would like to ask some advise or just your opinion about a way of selection university/business school for studying on master's degree in financial mathematics. My bachelor degree doesn't connected with finance, but it is in IT.
I am from Europe, so it is hard to find enough information or feedback from real people. I have read a lot of articles, rankings like "2018 QuantNet Rankings of Financial Engineering". However I don't feel sure that I am ready to make a right choise. Of course, TOP 10 schools like Princeton, MIT etc. are always value and prospective. What can you say about other universities. which have strong and prospective program in financial math.
Thank you.


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There are some components of the ranking which, though were part of the analysis, are not displayed in the ranking table. Is there a way for me to see them? I am particularly interested in the Employer Survey Score.


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The 2018 QuantNet ranking of Financial Engineering, Quantitative Finance masters programs in North America provides detailed information on placement and admission statistics from top programs the region, making it uniquely valuable to the quant finance community at large.

The 2018 QuantNet rankings are best positioned to help prospective applicants decide where to apply and enroll in those master quantitative programs.

Want to know the average starting base salary of graduates from the top Financial Engineering, Quantitative Finance, etc (MFE ) programs in North America?
Would be great to know the Employer Survey Score for each school, since it is 10% weight


How's Johns Hopkins placement and program? I'm only asking because I am completing my MS in Applied Math there and planned on becoming a quant anyway.


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Hello guys.
Need your view regarding the following-->
How is the Financial engineering program offered by the National University of Singapore?
Here's the link to the website:
MFE Program