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New Quantnet members say hi

Hi, I have a degree in Actuarial Science and currently studying a MSc in Risk Administration (its similar to a financial math masters, just with a little bit more on risk)

Finally, I am posting my greeting.
I am Tae Woo Son, who will be in the class of 2008 at Baruch's MSFE. I majored physics in undergraduate. I should have said hello to all early, but I totally forgot saying hi. Anyway, I am so glad to see you all.

Have a good day.
Hi I'm newbie in this forum. I'm working in telco Industries. I found this forum from google and actually I expect to learn something about stock option and trading from this forum. Any information regarding this is appreciated.
Greetings All,

Just finished my first year at UC Berkeley undergrad (but I have senior standing somehow). I will most likely declare a double major in Business Administration and Computer Science when it comes time. Besides that I do indoor rock climbing 4-5 times a week, manage a website, and do fraternity stuff (Beta Alpha Psi).

I just started automated trading but I've been actively investing in equities for two and a half years. Love how it combines math with wealth-generation.

Hello All,

I came across quantnet recently and decided to join! Better late than never!

I am thinking of applying to the Baruch program, however I am worried that I do not have the C++ background...

I have a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Business, all from Indian universities...
Hello everyone!

I am Stefan, starting the MFE Program at Baruch this year. Catching up quickly on some primer notions. I am more and more convinced that I have made the right decision.
Other than that, CS masters from UNC-Chapel Hill and systems/networking/OS focus till a few years back, Math background ..

I gotta catch up with the forum activity too ;)
Hi all

Helllo everyone...:)

I am new to the Quantnet community. I am an undergraduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Singapore. I recently got interested in Financial Engineering. I have some talent in mathematics and programming and it would serve well if I become more interested in this field and eventually do a graduate degree in this.

I find the posts and threads interesting from what I have read so far. I hope that this Quantnet community will guide me well.

Thank you.
Greetings All

Howdy folks,

My name is Yonis and I am lucky to have stumbled upon this site searching for FX Derivatives pricing equations. A little about me, ISE and mathematics grad. just took CFA level 1 this past June and frankly found it a little too didactic. Looking into actuary now and possibly MFE.

I am hoping quantnet folks will help me with the FX Derivatives inquiries I have as I juggle my boring mundane day job and await July 29th. We shall see. :dance:

Pursuing MFE as I clear CFA or actuary whichever it maybe it an option also unless of course I hit the Jack bot and sell one of my patents for at least $40m:D

Cheers mates.
I am writing from Ukraine.
Just finished university majoring in economics with a C average , looking to go into investment banking.
Exploring my alternative with CFA, maybe will have a go at my 1st level by January 2009.
Currently registered here in Kyiv with MBA programe from New Brunswick.
The big question for me if I am too old to start a carrer in investment banking.

1.My anyalytical skills are less then mediocre, and I am 29 years old.

2.My personal vision is that I lack the experience, and I am currently looking to switch jobs. Which jobs would accomodate the best to get me ready for the industry.

3.I also know that untill I get my CFA1 the probability of getting to the job in investments are slim.

Any comments to my story would be really appreciated. THANKS.
You are not too old to start anything, but with "less than mediocre" analytical skills perhaps you should look for other areas. Most good jobs in investment banking or investment management require top-notch analytical skills. That is why there has been an influx of mathematicians, computer scientists, etc into those fields.
Most good jobs in investment banking or investment management require top-notch analytical skills.

Thanks for reply, MikeK.

But can those skills be aquired? Yes I understand it will take longer then usuall.

Where would I start? Which books to read on the beggining level?

Is programming becoming a real part of any investment expert? This is kind of new to me.
Hello everyone, this is Shawn here.

Good to be a new member in this forum. I found it very very interesting after just a quick browsering over the forum.

I have a background of electrical engineering with my PhD work mainly focused on signal processing for speech enhancement. I am living in London, UK and I have started looking into quant industry since last year. But very unfortunately this is not a good time for people looking for quant jobs (at least in UK it is so, but not sure how's job market in the US). After reading through a few threads in this forum I am motivated again. Hope everyone in this forum who's looking for quant job will have his/her dream come true:)

Hi all,

My name is Eddie. I got my PhD on Speech/Voice processing at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. I am interested to be a quant after reading the book "My Life as Quant". I am targeted to work at my home town: Hong Kong.

Hmm.... Looks like we have something in common.....;)

Hello to all. I'm looking forward to being an active member of this website.


William McKibbin

Hello everyone,

Although I currently work for a company that builds trading floors (Sapient), I'm actually in the MS Stats program at Baruch but am applying to PhD programs in Economics. I know it's monetarily irrational but I look forward to quartering my salary =)

I will mostly be a lurker so TIA for letting me lurk.

Welcome to Quantnet, Kirill
You probably will love the free guides we have on Quantnet. (look at the first part)
Master reading list for MFE - QuantNetwork - Financial Engineering Forum

It's a whole new world out there and the guides will help you navigate.

Thank you very much Andy for your reply, I looked through the link but most guides from U.S. and have to be ordered through Amazon, unfortunatly Amazon does not ship to Ukraine, do you know of any other online resources that I can start on, or maybe where these books are posted for downloading?

Thanks again, I really appreciated.
I looked through the link but most guides from U.S. and have to be ordered through Amazon
1) What do quant do ? A guide by Mark Joshi. Download
2) Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Download
3) Career in Financial Markets - a guide by efinancialcareers. Download
4) Interview Preparation Guide by Michael Page: Quantitative Analysis. Download
5) Interview Preparation Guide by Michael Page: Quantitative Structuring. Download