Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Now Available

Sanket Patel

i do stuff
Same situation as the posts below me, I've sent a copy of my resume several times.
Hi Dominic,

I've just sent you my resume.
I would really like to read your guide and tips.
Could you please send me the guide to:
sean.ryo (at) ?



Sanket Patel

i do stuff
Yes, I received the guide.
Hi. I sent my resume on June 13. My email is
. Thank you.
Hi, could I please get one as well? (I sent you my CV on 8 April 2008)
address: attila dot ozelci04 at ic dot ac dot uk

many thanks!
Hello Dominic - I've sent my resume to you a couple times but I haven't received your guide yet.

I was just wondering if you give the guide to everyone who sends you a resume or is it limited to only people you are interested in? I'm hoping it was just lost in junk mail =\

my email is

Dominic, have you considered hiring an outsourcing agency to handle this kind of task, i.e. screening resumes, organizing them, and sending out your guide?

Personal Assistant - Concierge Services - Sunday 24/7 Personal Assistants
Get Friday

Just out of perverse curiosity (and not meaning to to start any war of words), does anyone here actually use one of these 'buy back your life' personal assistants? I know that its certainly not something I'd bother to do, but then, I'm not in a position where I really need pay someone to book me a restaurant...

I seem to remember some famous guy, '4 hours a week' or something to that effect, who wrote a popular book recently and raves over outsourcing his life to India, but when I looked at his website, he just reminds me of the "impossible is nothing" guy...