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Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Now Available

But its not something you'd ever bother with again?

I find the concept a bit strange, unless you happen to be the CEO of some major bank and are pressed for time... but then, after reading a recent article on the collapse of Bear Sterns, it sounds like those guys just sit around playing bridge all day anyway :P

doug reich

Some guy
But its not something you'd ever bother with again?

Depends. For a few bucks, I don't see why I wouldn't pay someone to do something menial but important to my business. But, I don't have a business, and I don't see it being helpful in my daily life. After all, why would I have someone read my personal email; I would take steps to reduce that email if I didn't like reading it.

I think it is perfect for something like what Dominic has with these resumes; menial, mindless, tedious, important. I assume it helps generate some revenue directly or indirectly.
Mmm.. I am fairly new to this and other quant finance forums, but recently (last night? time is all kind of blurring together lately), saw that Dominic and co actually have a separate site that it appears you can register for, in order to apply for jobs etc.

I haven't joined up for that yet, but perhaps that's another avenue for finding some information on what's available?

... I just went to try to find the link, except for some reason, wilmott (which is where I think the link to the p&d page is) is painfully slow for me normally, and failing to load entirely for me now...

doug reich

Some guy
I think you're talking about a job board; the guide is for informational purposes of a more qualitative manner (what do employers look at; how does this or that look on your resume; trends in hiring; interview material). I doubt you'd get this level of depth from reading forums.

I should probably get on this guide myself...
Yeehah... got a copy of the guides :D. Thanks Dominic, looks tops.

Now, to read in extensive detail and figure out whether I should chase a job come the end of the year, or shoot for the phd...

I'd like to receive a copy (your post convinced me to register on these forums). I just sent you my resume from sherbert AT andrew DOT cmu DOT edu.