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Paul & Dominic's Guide to Quant Careers Version 2.0 Now Available

Hi Dominic,
Please kindly send a copy to nfayzullaev{at}gmail[dot]com, I've sent you a couple for emails (with my CV's) some time ago,


Quant Headhunter
I've sent Guides to everyone here, using my personal email account in case my business address is somehow the problem.

I apologise for this, and if you have not received it by the time you read this post, PM me and I'll get it to you another way.
I didnt get

I had mailed you a long time back..havent received it yet..I will mail you again today..hope to get it soon..

why we need to send dominic our resumes for exchange of the guide? is it true that the guide is sortof updated based on the pool of resumes?


Quant Headhunter
why we need to send dominic our resumes for exchange of the guide?
It is one way we help to grow the set of people we talk to.

But, just to make it clear, we never ever send your CV to anyone without you giving permission to send it to that particular firm.

is it true that the guide is sortof updated based on the pool of resumes?
It's not really based upon CVs, more on our experience as both headhunters and people who have worked in banking for a long time.
A growing % of the input is from readers and clients who feed back things that need covering.
The "live rat in your coffee" is actually based upon conversations with candidates, but we've smothered the original detail to protect the innocent.

Version 2.1 is under way, and if there's anything you'd like to see more of, let us know.

Sanket Patel

i do stuff

What's general turnaround time - from when I sent email my resume to when I receive the guide? I sent a copy of my resume a few months ago and again not too long ago. Also sent you a PM as you indicated several posts below...
Hi Dominic,

I sent you a copy of my resume several weeks ago, but still haven't received the copy of the Guide to Quant Careers and was wondering if you can please forward it to me..

My email address is jkap09@gmail.com
Hi Dominic,
I'm a student of MSMF at Rutgers and I sent you my CV a couple months ago for the guide and then again a few weeks later.
I would really love to read the guide and share your career tips. But I haven't been fortunate enough so far.
Would you please forward me the guide when you're not so busy? Thanks.
email: zcheng@eden.rutgers.edu


Hi Dominic,

I've just sent you a copy of my resume and I'm hopping to receive the Guide to Quant Careers.

Thank you,