Python Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Hello everybody and happy new year!

Objective: Prepare for MFE and enhance my coding abilities in Python

Programming Experience: Some Python, R and SQL

Work Experience: 5 years working in Risk Management

Intended Pace of Program: Finish the programme in time, while gaining the most from it
Hello people.

Objective: Get a comprehensive python experience for MFE programs and trading competitions
Programming Experience: QuantNet C++ for FE, some R, some Mathematica, some Python
Work Experience: Research assistantship, current FInMath student
Intended Pace of Program: use all the 12 weeks
Objective: Be able to create an semi-esoteric asset based lending product as part of my job.

Programming Experience: Very basic python experience. Really just enough to find some operational efficiencies in prior roles and create useful tools for underwriting in my current role.

Work Experience: ~2 years across a venture debt fund (Credit role) and some insurance underwriting experience.

Intended Pace of Program: effectively learn, as quick as I can. I do not want to just get through the materials for the sake of speed.
Hi everyone! Really excited to be a part of this course.

Objective: To learn Python for economic research and data science.

Programming Experience: C++, basic python, R and Matlab

Work Experience: One year at a financial information company

Intended Pace of Program: Hope to finish as soon as I can.
Hi everyone.

Objective: To learn/refresh Python coding; Learn basic modeling of ABS

Programming Experience: Some Python, R, VBA, Basic C++

Work Experience: 2 years working in actuarial function

Intended Pace of Program: Finish the course within 1 month.