Options Primer Online Certificate Students' intro thread


Baruch MFE Faculty
Hello everyone,

You may call me Marvin. I have a background in math and stat, and is pursuing a career in quantitative finance. Now I am in my gap year after graduating from University and might choose to pursue a Master's degree in Financial Engineering. The most attractive aspect of this course is its emphasize on quant job interviews. Also, I really think 'intuition' (as mentioned in the course name) is the key to master a concept and use it freely.

Hope we could share a great learning experience :)
Hi, Marvin,

welcome! Enjoy our course!



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My name is Omar Twahir. I am recent graduate of math and economics from Florida International University and will be applying to quant masters programs in fall 2020 and this course would help a lot. I also wanted to take this class to get a great understanding on options from experts on the field, just like I did with the C++ courses here on quantnet.

Jianwei Su

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Hi everyone, my name is Jianwei Su. I hope we can help each other and have good experience in this course.

Patrick Jarvis

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Greetings from Chicago,

A special thank you to those at Baruch who have provided the material and to the TA's who will be available for tutorship. Looking forward to the coursework and hope to continue through the rest of certifications that QuantNet has available to those seeking to gain the competitive edge.

Patrick V. Campobasso-Jarvis


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Patrick - welcome to the course and I fully expect you will find it enlightening and practical. Good luck, Dan


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My name is Wenxin Mu, I also go by Vincent. I have recently graduated from Babson College and is currently applying to a few MFE programs. I would like to use this course as an opportunity to consolidate my understandings of finance and prepare myself for the upcoming study in MFE.

Nice to meet everybody!


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Hello Rados, Everyone

My name is Saran Reddy. I am from Mumbai, India. I will be starting MS in Quantitative and Computational Finance in August 2020. I have an experience of over 3 years in Finance, but not in Quant. I am taking this course together with the C++ for Financial Engineering course so that I can refresh and strengthen my knowledge.

Looking forward to learn more.