Student reviewers of MFE programs

Anyone with a review about Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Financial Engineering and Risk Analytics? or about Georgia State university's Mathematical Risk Management program?
I've read the available reviews. Guys at QN deserve special credit, this is a must read for any and all prospective applicants.

I assume you will be accepting more than one review per school ?
Thanks for the compliments.
We do receive multiple review for each program. We don't see any good reason for limiting the number of review per program.

It's essential that prospective students get multiple reviews for a specific program to make an informed decision.

We are working with various programs to establish a framework where QuantNetwork can independently and discretely verify the identity of each reviewer and the privacy of our reviewers are kept confidential.


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We just received a review for the UCB MFE program from a long time member on QN.

This review definitely casts UCB in a different light. I am surprised however that this is the first UCB review. With the placement stats they put up year after year, some graduates should have something positive to say about the program


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We have published another review of UCB MFE program from someone who happens to be a long time member on QN.
This will give our members a chance to hear from both happy/unsatisfied customers of the program and this is the ultimate purpose of our reviews.

These reviews definitely remove the veil of Infallibility from some of these programs, and sort of levels the playing field for the paying 'customers'