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Joy Pathak

When I was looking into MFE programs back in 2006, I remember UMich was mentioned quite often as one of the popular picks. But lately, it feels as if they have lost their edge in the course of public opinion.
The location isn't helping either.

The location is a big disadvantage. Although it is closer then many other programs with MFE programs. It is a 5 hour train ride from Ann-arbor to Chicago. It is the same for a car ride basically. It's a great university. I live near it. Amazing campus.
Thank you, Andy, for finding reviewer, and thanks to reviewer for a detailed description.

I am wondering why he/she is not done with the program yet, the U-M website says it's a three semesters program so he/she should have been done in December 2009.
Publishing some kind of "guide to MFE programs" book/pdf has always been something I want to do. It has great potential because there exists none.
Any idea you have, let me know and i'll find a way to make it happen.
Isn't this website basically that book? I suppose there's more that could be done along the lines of "offical" info from the schools, like Princeton Review does but you seem to me to be doing quite fine as is. Maybe just making a seperate index page of all the reviews would go a long way?
There are much debate about this online versus printed media issue but from a business point of view, you need to have a product to sustain your growth.
Information is a commodity these days but hard-to-obtain information delivered in a convenient format is something people will pay for.

Obviously, in line with what we have been doing here for years, a lite version of the book can be downloaded for free.

But we are talking years light ahead of ourselves.
What's everyone opinion on the current format we use for the review
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Uniformity: every review covers the same questions

Predictability: in many cases, the reviewers short of answer the questionnaire instead of doing a free-style review

Ideally, I'd like to see a mix of both where the reviewers are encourage to give extensive details without restriction.

I'd like to hear what you have to suggest.