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Columbia MFE Columbia MFE Admission

有一个不是那么有力的推测。因为某留学中介在17fall 哥大mfe录了100人的时候拿了24个offer,在18fall录了120人的时候拿了24个offer,然而今年他家现在的数字是21. 考虑到他家在留学中介的竞争力实际上是越来越强的,所以可以boldly assume还剩余一些~

Well for those people who don't speak Chinese I will explain how I deduce this result here.
In China there is a famous intermediary agent for MFE application which assembles a large proportion of applicants, let's check its data.
For 2017Fall (finally a class of 100 students), they received 24 offers.
For 2018Fall (finally a class of 120 students), they received 32 offers.
For 2019Fall, this number is 21 for now.
As this agent has actually been booming these years we can figure out it does remain some positions.
Very reasonable. GGU is so powerful.


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Hey guys, just got the video interview invite. Could you please help out and give me some tips? Thanks
I did the interview at the very begin of Feb but haven't heard from them since then. All behavioral questions no technical, no pressure and good luck!


Hi people,
I am from India and I will be pursuing MFE at Columbia this Fall. I believe there must be a whatsapp group active that has already pooled most of the prospective students. Can someone from the group please add me to it please ?
My details: +91 - 9167543599