Columbia MFE Columbia MFE Admission


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Hello. Got the admit on 1st as well. I can make a group for everyone on here from India that got admitted if you guys are interested. Congratulations on the admit, by the way!


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Spring break is next week. Columbia is quirky. Quite a few on this board have extended their offer deadline to this week. There is hope.
So can I still keep my hopes up in spite of not having received any interview calls till date?


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Received an e-mail for further investigation into recommenders' background information. Seems they start to process those "defective" applications.


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can anyone advise if its a good idea to ask the admissions team for an update? just got an admit from MIT but i still want Columbia (i was looking through the tracker and a number of people who did the interview on the same date as me already got results)

congrats to those who got in btw!