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God's laptop

Yike Lu

Finder of biased coins.
That's ok. We are all learning. :)

I don't like to critizise manufacturers anymore. However, when it comes to the operating system I'm sort of biased.
It's posts like these that make me want to contribute

And posts like these...

And if it breaks they can go stand in line with all the rest of the cool people at the bar with "geniuses" in it and talk about how cool you all are and how amazing and reliable that malfunctioning garbage that was it any other manufacturer would have long been returned with an angry phone call to the manufacturer is.

That make me delete a well thought out reply at the realization that there is no convincing a zealot.
BTW everybody. Just saw a Youtube video with a "lower end" version of this laptop. The boot speed was 13 SECONDS! I have never seen or heard of such a boot speed in my life. Just insane!


Older and Wiser
BTW everybody. Just saw a Youtube video with a "lower end" version of this laptop. The boot speed was 13 SECONDS! I have never seen or heard of such a boot speed in my life. Just insane!
this is meaningles. I don't boot my machine (either mac or linux) once in long long while.
I'm not mentioning it from a practical standpoint. Just saying it's cool. Nobody really cares about 13 seconds VS 20 seconds.
They strive to monopolize the Mac space by preventing competition. They synthetically control it to the point where they do not allow Sun to write a virtual machine for the damn computers. Nor do they allow users to upgrade their java virtual machines (if you want extra security - pay another $30 for the next version of OS X).
The only looser I see, if JVM were really important, is Apple, not the consumer; the biggest example is when Apple got screwed when it didn't allow third party hardware to be used for Macs; however, Microsoft did allow, and Apple got almost bust by 1997, as Windows grabbed all the market share.

The JVM on my Windows PC doesn't run any better. 5 out of 10 times JVM crashes on my Windows PC.

Pay extra $30 for next version of OS X - How much does the original Windows 7 cost? I bet it costs atleast $120. Did I mention Office 2010 professional costs $499 ?

How about Microsoft purposely selling overpriced software? Lion OS X costs just $30.

In fact, I ought to sue Microsoft for producing such shoddy s/w - over-sized and full of bugs. Several tests on PCs with same config but running XP, Vista, and 7 show that Windows 7 barely beat XP even on multiprocessor computers (that too on very few apps), with Vista long way behind XP and 7.

If you, still, have problems load Windows on Mac. Problem solved.

One time, it turned out that the mac that was going to run it still had version 1.1 (!!!) on it.
What does that have to do with competition. It's like saying majority of the users were using XP, even when Windows 7 was released.
These kids had to write simple stuff at the time - take in two numbers using a swing gui and add them (or something to that extent). When they actually ran the code, a terminal popped up below the gui and started spitting out exceptions. The [expletive] at apple couldn't wire their JVM to their GUI correctly. Bravo.
There are numerous such examples for Windows too. For instance, my PC (HP) just can't open safari.
The [expletive] at apple couldn't wire their JVM to their GUI correctly. Bravo.
Again it doesn't explain how Apple stopped competition. It explains the incompetence of that person and nothing else. I have heard numerous such cases with Microsoft.
Fast forward to the next time I was forced to use a mac after I graduated on my job to write an iPhone app. My company bought me a mac mini. The thing burned through two (!!!) hard drives while mostly idling (!!!) on my desk because some [expletive] apple engineer couldn't do what pretty much every single PC manufacturer out there does with their eyes closed - design proper hard drive cooling.
Now you finally attacked Apple. However, I would say that such problems are commonplace with all other PCs. I have experience of 4 seagate hard disks burning in 2 months. My NVIDIA graphics card failed even in a proper desktop. I had to get my dell's processor replaced because of shoddy cooling.

If my gigantic desktop and laptop cooling systems, with ample space to provide state of the art cooling systems, could fail me, Mac Mini, with much bigger space constraints, can too fail you.

Just as my problem can be a one-off experience, so can yours' too.

Oh, and lets not forget those iPhone antennas.
I've had numerous such issues with Nokia. It's just that Apple is so popular that it got limelight. Also, the antenna issue happen when you hold it in a weird way. But, you wouldn't talk about it's retina display, which still no manufacturer can match, the response of mutli-touch, the sleek design, the build quality etc.

P.S If my above response doesn't convince you, probably there is no point in arguing.
Just saw that Macbook Air's (i5) boot up time is 15 secs.

A big part in that extremely low boot-up time is played by SSD. SSD can easily shave off boot up time by 50%.

Other important factors - processor speed, and RAM speed.

I bet that if you build your own desktop with the fastest SSD on the planet, intel i7 extreme, RAM (2000 MHz), and Linux, you can easily break below 10 secs.
Yup, it was, and I found another vid on youtube on which a guy booted his laptop in 10 secs using Ubuntu. :)

SSDs are god-send for hardcore gamers. No matter what spec, a PC without SSD cannot play Crysis at full settings.
If some hardware engineer didn't need a cooling fan and surprise! it does, you're stuck with literally garbage that burns through its hard drive once a month (this was literally one of my "mac" experiences).

My 2010 Lenovo X201 3249, running Ubuntu 11.04, is on its 4th fan.

Just sayin'
It was a joke Alain. I am certain Ubuntu is an excellent system. I am unfamiliar with Ubuntu so far, but Linux has been pretty cool.
Well, you are running Ubuntu... :D

I would boot into windows 7 if:

a) I could stay connected to wifi for longer than 20 min


b) I could run computationally moderate programs for more than 30min without a hard crash ;)

At this point I suspect it to be a driver (?) issue or an overheat condition.

The tech (who's cell number I now have) says hes seen this repeat phenomenon in some x201 - which is to say that those that it happens to occur frequently but overall numbers are not abnormal. The motherboard has been replaced twice. When it gets bad the sound is akin to a Harrier jet on takeoff. Those who had to tolerate it in the Quantlab last semester know what I'm talking about.

The value-add I attribute to Apple is the ability to walk up to 59th street at 4am to vent at someone in person.

I'm on my 3rd iPhone 4 and my 2nd iPhone 2G - replaced no questions asked and both work like a charm now. I can tolerate this.

Beats Lenovo's "3-sigma-event" customer service (or, dare I say, AT&Ts) which is a headache to deal with.

Linux is a solid OS - unfortunately it's compatible with less of my world than Windows is, or MacOS would be. This can be aggravating at times.

But quality is in the eye of the beholder.
Honestly, I was a windows user all my life. The purpose of buying a laptop is because its durable. If you really want a powerful machine, stick wtih a desktop. 2nd. I understand this entire gripe about apple products. I was the same way. Everytime i saw someone use an apple phone or laptop, i thought their phones were completely useless. Until, I bought an iphone 3gs and it was an amazing phone by all standards. Yes the battery life was poor but that was because i was browsing the phone and listening to music all day and sometimes make use of the gps feature in the phone. So, unless you have really used an iphone, you really don't have the right to complain. I was very upset at the iphone4, i guess it was a huge mistake by apple to oversee the antenna, but new designs always have flaws until they are perfected...i.e, the first iphone was not that good at all. But the next two were a giant leap forward. Apple is always setting the standard that other companies try to replicate but fail. For that, I have a deep respect for apple. I switched my phone to a windows phone (believe me, i have owned more phones than anybody around here. literally I would have a new phone every 6 months because I always wanted to have the newest things. This was how things were in Asia. We needed to have the latest gadgets). I hated the windows phones. Apps were horrible and i learned that Microsoft has more stringent requirements in their app store than apple does. 3rd...the computers. I was a windows user all my life until i came to Baruch. I sought Alain's advise and although he didn't convince me to buy apple macbook pro, i saw that he was deeply content with his. As a customer, I thought getting opinions from other customers would be a good way to understand the product. Believe me, I did my research and went around numerous online sites to find the pros and cons of a macbook pro. Simplicity is what makes a product better. Not how complicated it is. The browsing experience in the new macbook pro is amazing. Also, no viruses? wow. Unless you are a serious developer/programmer I fail to see why you would need a god laptop. Recommending a godlaptop is like asking me to drive a fully loaded mazda. Also, numerous rating sites have given the macbook pro top rating and cnet has it as the best laptop available for consumers.

Finally, don't insult what others are passionate about. If you like mac, get one, if you like windows, then stick with windows. Where do you get by saying that 'hey my computer is better than yours. you spent 500 more? wow, you made a stupid investment choice etc etc. " Fine, so be it. Guys who have a macbook pro have more money to spend so they spent it and they like what they see. Honestly I mean, comparing macbook pros to windows is like comparing Beemers to mazdas. Sure, mazdas are more reliable, but unless you own a 5 series, you have no idea what you are talking about. And I am not talking about a low end Beemer, i.e, low end macbook white version


Graduate Student
Either way, when looking for a laptop you should look for quality not costumer support.

Sony, Apple (much as I hate to admit it), Toshiba, Alienware, Dell Precision Series only, Lenovo, MSI, Fujitsu, etc.

HP, Acer, Gateway, Dell, eMachines, Asus, etc.

Samsung, Panasonic, etc.

This list comes from 150+ laptops and tablets of experience (yes, I have owned that many!). I buy and sell laptops and tablet more often than once a month and have flipped over 100 tablets last year alone.

I also look at resale value... I just sold my 2 year old Mac Book Pro for 85% of the original sticker price. Try selling a 6 month old PC, you'd be lucky if you get half of what you paid for it
Raj your rants are priceless :)

Three points:

1) Windows Mobile is awful... and I am pretty sure Billy G knows it. I'll bet he uses an Android.

2) Apple = no viruses is a myth that prey on innocent simple minded folk. Point is that since Apple OS is less than 10% (a complete guess btw) of all computer users major virus makers would much rather go for the big prey. So they target Windows. If Apple OS ever gets good enough to be a solid Windows competitor (not happening) then the viruses will begin to hit and the innocent Apple folk will not know what to do.

Just for the record: Windows is pretty darn good at blocking viruses. I have been using Windows + Kaspersky Anti-Virus for 3 years now and so far no viruses. Keep in mind that I download loads of junk every day. Pretty impressive!

3) Android phones are doing to the iPhone what Facebook did to MySpace :)
I also look at resale value... I just sold my 2 year old Mac Book Pro for 85% of the original sticker price. Try selling a 6 month old PC, you'd be lucky if you get half of what you paid for it
Just sold my Sony Vaio Z for $1,020. Bought it about 8 months ago used for $1,100. Just sayin'
it is what it is. i was not ranting. it is just that this argument is just silly. I mean may I ask what you can do better with windows over a mac? If i recollect, your computer crashed using virtual box. mine is still stable :).

And also, I don't think anything from here on out is going to convince me to switch to windows anytime soon. Once you go mac you can't' go back
yes you need antivirus in windows. you don't need one at mac. I have gone and downloaded numerous documents online and still my computer is working completely fine. you sound jealous boy.