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Columbia MAFN MA - Mathematical Finance - Columbia

amit patel

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I want to know what is scope after persuing MA in Mathematical Finance from Columbia. I am having 6 and half yrs of experience in C++.


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I want to know what is scope after persuing MA in Mathematical Finance from Columbia. I am having 6 and half yrs of experience in C++.
I don't know if there is anybody in this forum from Columbia. We are mostly Baruch students. You will have to try a Columbia centric forum

Andy Nguyen

Saw a post by someone who claimed that he is a student in the MA program

I completed a course at CU last fall (part-time) offered through the math dept in quantitative finance. I interacted with many students from the MFE and I can speak to item #2 on your list.

The main difference between the MA and the MFE lies in the structure of the each program. The MFE seems more structured and organized. There are many more course offerings per semester in financial engineering, quantitative methods, etc... There are profs in the FE program who have proven track records in research... The MA program seems to offer many fewer classes and the profs are typically adjuncts from industry. IMHO, the MA program was hastily thrown together to make some money.

The course was split in two between full-time students and part-time students who work full-time in phynance. Lots of phrenchies incidentally... And quite a few students from the MFE program, for whatever reason... Me, I have no actual phynance experience, but I do have a technical background, (PhD in mathematics, research in computational fluid dynamics) and I did sleep in a Holiday Inn last night. I recently moved to NYC looking for a phynance job and figured I'd enroll in a course in the mean time. Sadly, I haven't found a job yet, however the course last term helped tremendously in that I actually (really) know now what I'm looking for (as opposed to what I thought I was looking for four months ago) and I'm pretty optimistic about the future. This means my resume looks better and my cover letter is much more convincing. So basically my goal in enrolling in the course was to help me find a job. I am enrolled in a course for this coming term and I haven't decided if I will stick with it or not...