C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread


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Hello Everyone, my name is Jonathan Gonzalez.

Objective: Learn C++

Programming Experience: None

Current Work: Risk Management Analyst. Additionally, studying to get in to a MFE program.

Intended Pace: As soon as possible.

Rongqi Shi

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C++ Student
Hello everybody, my name is Rongqi Shi. Very glad to meet you guys here.

Objective: Learn C++ and apply for MFE program

Programming Experience: R, Python, Matlab

Current Work: Studying to get in to a MFE program.

Intended Pace: As soon as possible.


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Hi hi, I'm excited to be here.
Objective: Admission to MFE programs
Programming Experience: C; Python; Matlab; R.
Current Work: Undergraduate student
Intended pace: 3 months would be good.


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C++ Student
Objective: To learn C++ for admission to MFE programs.

Programming Experience: None.

Current Work: Senior undergraduate student, major in Accounting.

Intended Pace: As soon as possible.

Minheng Xiao

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C++ Student
Objective:Admission to Baruch MFE program
Programming Experience:C++,a little python,a little matlab...
Current Work :an undergraduate learning civil engineering.
Intended Pace :finish it during my vacation


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C++ Student

My name is Zhang Cai. Nice to meet you all and so excited to take this course!

Objective: Learn C++ and get admitted by Baruch MFE program

Programming Experience: Java

Current Work: Applying for graduate programs

Intended Pace: On a feasible schedule


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Hi everyone! My name is Wai Yau, I hope to get to know you guys more.

Objective: Graduate from MFE program
Programming Experience: JAVA, C++, learning python
Current Work: Mechanical Engineering, No programming :(
Intended Pace: ASAP