C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread


C++ Student
Hi everybody :) I recently got accepted into CMU MSCF. I am trying to finish this course as a prerequisite to join the program.

Programming Experience: Bunch of Java during undergrad years, some Python, SQL, Matlab
Current Work: Management consultant
Intended Pace: Complete by mid June


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C++ Student
Hello, my name is Shuoyang Li and I am completing this course to get myself familiar with C++.

Objective: Learn C++ for computational finance
Programming Experience: Python, SQL, Matlab
Current Work: Hedge Fund Analyst
Intended Pace: Complete by June


C++ Student
Hello, my name is Sebastian.

Objective: Learn C++ for Mathematical Finance program prep
Programming Experience: Python, SQL, R
Current Work: Derivatives Trader
Intended Pace: Complete by end of August


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Hey there, my name is Atreish.

Objective: Learn C++ for Financial Mathematics / Pre-MFE program
Programming Experience: None
Current Work: Accounting / Mathematics Student at Baruch College
Intended Pace: To be completed in 14-16 weeks


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C++ Student

I'm Vern.

Objective: Complete this course as pre-requisite for Computational Finance program
Experience: C, C++, Python, R, Ruby
Work Experience: Programme Analyst, Network Eng, Telecom Eng
Pace: As quickly as possible

Raphael Hu

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C++ Student
Hi there,

I'm Raphael.

Objective: Complete this C++ course as the pre-requisite for Finance Engineering program
Experience: Python
Work Experience: student for 10+ years :)
Pace: Within 16 Weeks


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C++ Student
Hello everyone, so excited to be here.

Objective: Learn C++ to meet programming requirement by CMU MSCF program.

Programming experience: STATA, A little MATLAB, Mathematica

Current work: Just graduated from college

Intended pace of program: July 7th

Morgan Hunt

C++ Student
Hello everyone!

Objective: Learn C++ coding skills for courses and future jobs
Programming Experience: Python, R, Stata, Matlab
Current Work: Economics PhD student and adjunct professor
Intended pace: finish within the 16 weeks, by end of August would be preferable


C++ Student
Hi everyone!

Objective: Polish my rusty C++ programming skill and know C++11/C++14
Programming Experience: Python, VBA, Matlab & R
Current Work: VA Hedging
Intended pace: To be completed as soon as possible

kaixin zhang

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C++ Student
Hi, I am Katrina, a math student now in Montreal.

To learn C++ for admission to MFE programs.

Programming experience:
zero programming experience

Current work:
University student in McGill

Intended pace of program:
Not really sure now.


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C++ Student
Hi Everyone, I'm Ruofan Meng.

Objective: To prepare for my master program

Programming Experience: Python, Stata

Current Work: An undergraduate student major in Mathematical Economics and Mathematical Finance

Intended Pace: As soon as possible