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C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread


Active Member
Hi all! Fresh graduate in Applied Mathematics from an engineering school in France. Hope to get this certificate for MFE programs.

Objective: Admission for MFE programs
Programming experience: R, C, Java
Current work: Trading Support in an investment bank in Paris
Intended pace: By the end of November

chegezo kilahala

New Member
I am glad to be back doing this course. I intended to do it a while ago and paid for it, but had some family emergency and couldn't do it.

Objective: To stand a better chance to be admitted into the MFE program.

Programming Exp.: R, Python, C#, C++, Java

Current Work: Working as an accountant.

Intended pace: Wish to complete the course as early as the time permits.

Yujing Liu

Hi, I am a student major in Finance and now applying for MFE programs. Baruch College is one of my dream schools and I hope this certificate will be of help for MFE programs :)

Objective: Honing my programming skills and admission for MFE programs

Programming experience: Python, C#, MATLAB, R, VBA

Current work: A senior student in Tongji Univerisity

Intended pace: As early as I can

Hope we can have a good time!


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Objective: Learning C++ to meet C++ proficiency requirements for Jobs
Programming Experience: VBA, some R & Python
Current Work: Looking for opportunities, prior Market Risk Analyst at JPMorgan for Equities
Intended Pace: ASAP

Hi everyone,

finally decided to pursue this course in an effort to get traction at some quant focused jobs. Prior Market Risk Analyst at JPMorgan. Looking to learn C++ pertinent to the world of Finance.



Active Member
Objective: Learn C++ for graduate school and future employment
Programming Experience: Some, with a little bit of pascal, R, Python
Current Work: Undergrad at University of Cincinnati, Business Economics and Business Analytics
Intended pace: Finish within 10 weeks


Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program and to implement algo trading strategies
Programming Experience: Python, Java, C, Matlab
Current Work: Working as a market risk analyst in an IB
Intended pace: Complete in 3 months, since I am preparing for June 2020 CFA L2 as well


New Member
Hi, I'm a quant using python and now I do need some C++ knowledge😁 glad to know you all.

Objective: Learn C++ for Baruch MFE program
Programming Experience: Python, Matlab
Current Work: quant
Intended Pace: I hope to finish it as quickly as I can. 16 weeks is so......... long

Zhiying Sheng

Hi all, I'm a senior student from Nanjing University in China!
My major for undergrad is FE, now trying to apply for MFE Programs too like you guys, hopefully to meet you in 2020 or later!
Objective: To learn C++ for admission to MFE Programs and hope to find if it can inspire and excite me as a dream career usually does:ROFLMAO:
Programming Experience: C, R, Python, MATLAB
Current Work: senior major in Financial Engineering & seeking an intern for Quant recently
Intended Pace: this year/ as long as the application available😁


New Member
Hi everyone! I am an undergraduate majoring in computaitonal finance. Having been considering taking this course for a long time and now I am super excited to start finally!

Objective: Learn C++ systematically to prepare myself for MFE program and broaden my career path in quant finance

Programming experience: Python, R, VBA

Current work: Quant research intern at an investment bank

Intended pace: Finish by the end of this year

Dean Wang

Hi everyone, I graduated from Cornell University with a Master of Engineering degree, and worked as a quant trader for 2 years.

Objective: Recap C++ and prepare for MFE

Programming experience: Python, MatLab, C

Current work: Machine Learning Engineer

Intended pace: ASAP

Can Jin

Hi everyone, currently working as mid-office quant.

Objective: gain proficiency in C++ OO design and be able to develop/implement C++ based pricing/risk management engines for exotic rates products.
Programming experience: MATLAB, Python, Mathematica, VBA
Intended pace: make full use of 16 weeks, seeking help/guidance on extra-curriculum stuff, e.g. external C++ (quant finance) books, codes etc.