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C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Hi to everyone, my name is Richard.

Objective: To consolidate and further my skills in C++.
Programming Experience: Python, R, Javascript, C, Lisp and C++
Current Work: I teach and consult primarily to the "Resource" industries but that has been impacted by Covid and the fall in some commodity prices. My previous work has been in military aerospace and academia.
Intended Pace: A comfortable and enjoyable pace with the time limit.
Hello Everyone, my name is Jonathan

Objective: Dive deeper into C++ and be able to use it for personal finance coding projects
Programming Experience: Decent Amount, graduated with degree in computer engineering and work as software engineer
Current Work: Software Engineer
Intended pace: June 2021
Hi guys, my name is Shawn Yin.
Objective: enhance my ability of C++ especially in the financial engineering field
Programming experience: Python, C/C++, JAVA, R, SQL, Go
Current work: Financial Engineering student at NYU
Intended pace of program: one or two months.
Hello everyone! My name is Omar Gabr

Objective: To obtain the C++ Programming in Financial Engineering Certificate
Programming Experience: Python, JavaScript
Current Work: Undergraduate senior: Public affairs major/mathematics minor at Baruch
Intended Pace: As much time and effort I put!
Hello Everyone, my name is Simon Boccara

Objective: To enhance my C++ skills especially in regards to FE
Programming Experience: Python, JavaScript
Current Work: I'm a current Boston University student Est. Grad Fall 2021 with BSBA in Finance and MIS as well as aiming for a minor in mathematics.
Intended Pace: As much time as I have. Hopefully in 8 weeks.
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Hello everyone! My name is Omkar Shetti. I am from NJ, USA

Objective: To learn C++ skills and have strong foundation in programming.

Programming experience: Java

Current work: High School Senior

Intended pace of program: Initially slow to catch up and will pick up pace as course moves on.
Hello, everyone! My name is Ping Zhong.

Objective: To obtain the C++ Programming in Financial Engineering Certificate

Programming experience: C, Python, MATLAB, R

Current work: Undergraduate senior: Economics major/mathematics minor at University of Minnesota

Intended pace of program: As fast as possible, maybe in 10 weeks.
Hi everyone, my name is John.
Objective: to learn C++ and object oriented programming
Programming experience: SAS
Current work: asset liability management
Intended pace: reasonably fast