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C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Hi everyone! I'm Steven
Objective: Enhance my background in quantitative analysis and prepare for MFE application

Programming experience: R and Stata

Current work: Rising junior undergraduate majoring in Economics and Math

Intended pace: 3 months
Hello everyone! My name is Philip.

Objective: Obtain some programming credentials before applying for grad school

Programming experience: None

Current work: Management Science Major & Math Minor at UCSD

Intended pace of program: Within the 16-week limit
Hi folks! This is Mingsen,

Objective: Applying for Baruch MFE

Programming experience: Python ("Stata is not a programming language; it's a tool!")

Current work: Economics Major at National School of Development, Peking University

Intended pace: Before September I guess
Hello all! Gotta make a first thread to get started!

Objective: Learn C++, and get a good MFE program
Programming Experience: Java, Python, Matlab, R
Current Work: a rising senior majoring in applied math and statistics (AMS) and Computer Science
Intended Pace: I will try my best to complete the course within 2 months
Hello All,
My name is David, nice to meet you all!

Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program
Programming Experience: Python, MATLAB, SQL and VBA
Current Work: University student
Intended Pace: Currently work full time and hope to do this in 3 months.
Maybe it's time to start a thread to get started
Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program
Programming Experience: R, A little bit of Python
Current work: University student majoring in Spanish and with a minor in finance
Intended Pace: Not sure, as soon as possible, currently working as an intern
Hi all, I am a finance student from China.

Objective: Learn C++ for MFE programs

Programming Exp.: Python, Javascript, MATLAB and SQL

Current Work: Final year Finance student and a full-time quantitative researcher intern in a startup hedge fund.

Intended pace: Wish to complete the course before September.