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C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread

Hi, everyone!
Objective: For future career in quantitative finance
Programming Experience: Python, C (have learned long before but have almost forgotten)
Current Work: internship in a hedge fund; incoming student in a statistics MS program or MFE program (still waiting for decision)
Intended Pace: Hopefully before the end of June
Hello, everyone!
Objective: Prospective student- Master’s in Financial Mathematics/Quant Finance
Programming Experience: Python, R
Current Work: Undergraduate student of Data Science
Intended Pace: Intend to complete the program within given duration
Hello everyone!
Objective: Learn C++ with a leaning towards financial engineering
Programming Experience: C#
Current Work: Software Engineer in Asset Management
Intended Pace: Eager to complete in 3 months or less
Hello everyone!
Objective: Learn C++ to get admission to the MFE program
Programming Experience: Python, VBA
Current Work: Full-time student at Business school in France
Intended Pace: Eager to complete in 3 months or less
Hey ya'll! My name's Miguel and I am super excited in taking this first step in my Quant journey!

Objective: Finally hone down C++ and get admitted into a MFE program
Programming Experience: Python, Basic Rust
Current Work: Software Quality Engineer
Intended Pace: 3-4 months
Hi everyone, my name is Ram and I'm excited to get through this course and have my numerical computing in C++ chops sharpened for the real world.

Objective: Be a quality C++ Programmer - Something I've always wanted but never achieved ; More attractive profile for MFE / Quant Industry
Programming Experience: Python, Javascript [ Come from a Computer Science background so I'm familiar with many standard languages ]
Current Work: Engineer/Data Scientist at an Investment Advisory Startup ( < 10 Technical employees )
Intended Pace: ASAP (Since I have programmed with C/C++ , hoping to run till I hit a wall and then take it from there)
Hi, my name is Tao Wei, an international student who studies in US. I'm so excited to be here and improve my understanding of C++.
Objective: Apply MFE or Quant position.
Programming Experience: Python, Matlab, R, C
Current Work: Full-time student in US.
Intended Pace: 3-4 months
Hi - my name is Jimmy and I'm from Hong Kong
Objective: Live execution with C++ / preparation for a masters of finance or financial engineering degree, then getting a job in quant trading
Programming Experience: Python only; currently studying a masters in computer science
Current Work: Business Analyst at a boutique management consultancy
Intended Pace: 4 months
Hi everyone, my name is Iris Lin.
Objective: prepare for a master of financial engineering degree; improve programming skills.
Programming Experience: Python, R.
Current Work: Statistics student
Intended Pace: 3-4 months
Hi everyone, this is CJ and I recently enrolled MFE program in CA.

Objective: Learning c++ and prepare for internships. (And honestly my program curriculum doesn't have c++ courses, so I need to learn by myself)
Programming Experience: Some Java, Matlab and Python works for course assignments.
Current Work: Full-time student.
Intended Pace: Hopefully finish it in this summer.
Hello Everybody,

Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program and get admission for graduated school
Programming Experience: Python, R, A little bit java
Current Work: Junior year at university
Intended Pace: Three Months during my summer holiday
Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program in the States, hopefully meet some people and learn more about Quant work.
Programming Experience: Python, VBA, a little in MATLAB and R
Current Work: Internships as an Actuarial and in Risk Analytics. Final Summer before applying for Grad School
Intended Pace: Three Months during my summer holiday
Hello Everybody, this is Simon.

Objective: Learn C++ to get a pricing quant position in bank
Programming Experience: Python, a bit C++
Current Work: Financial Engineering
Intended Pace: hope to finish by end of August.