C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread


Objective: Learn C++ for MFE programs
Programming Experience: Python, Matlab
Current Work: 2 years as a paralegal in derivatives & securities law
Intended Pace: 3 months
Hello! I am very glad to join you in this C++ course.😊
Objective: Learn C++ for MFE programs
Programming Experience: Python and R
Current Work: Undergraduate student majoring in financial engineering
Intended Pace: I hope I can finish in two months, no more than three months at the latest.
Hey guys, Rebecce here:))
Objective: Learn C++ for finding internship/job in quantitative finance and get into MFE programs
Programming Experience: python(a little) and R
Current Work: undergraduate student from University of Sydney majoring in Business Analytics and Statistics
Intended Pace: finish the course before 2022.1.1, celebrate new year with my C++ certificate, and land an internship in Quantitative finance in January, 2022
Hi everyone,
I am really excited to start this course and undertake the journey of learning C++ with you all.
Objective: Learn C++ for admission into MFE programs
Programming Experience: Matlab (Basic), Java (Basic)
Current Work: 4th year undergraduate at Georgia Tech studying Mechanical Engineering
Intended Pace: Complete the course and learn the material before the start of my final semester in January.
Hello Everyone,

My name is Gary Rashed and I'm probably a bit different from the typical student here. I've been a software developer for 15 years now at various financial companies ( Bridgewater, Credit Suisse to name a few ). My primary language(s) are c#, t-sql and python. These are great languages and they have served me well, but I'm at the point in my career where I am looking to make a change. The aforementioned languages are great ( especially c# ), but as you move up and up in your career, you hit a point where you need to be able to write some low level software that can really perform. I've hit that point in my career, so here I am, finally ready to learn c++

Objective: To learn C++ effectively enough to write a full trading algo.
Programming Experience: c#, python, t-sql ( hey, writing sql is really important kids !!!! ).
Current Work: Working as a software developer at a hedge fund.
Intended Pace: Between putting the kids to bed and waking up for work, I hope to put in the time.
Hello everyone,
Objective: To learn C++ for a career in derivatives trading and to get admission in a top MFE program.

Programming experience: Python

Current work: Market Risk Quant

The intended pace of the program: I will be studying stochastic calculus along with this program for my next project on derivative pricing, so I intend to go as slow and in-depth as possible, ending the course by the beginning of March 2022.
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Hi All,
Looking forward to, and excited about the course :)
Objective: Meeting C++ pre-requisites for MFE programs
Programming Experience: Python, Octave, VBA
Current Work: 3 years as a Researcher at BB Bank
Intended Pace: As fast as possible
Hi All,
Really looking forward to learn more about C++ in this course!

Objective: Learning C++ for quant development and explore the field of quant
Programming Experience: Python, R, MATLAB, STATA
Current Work: Economics student interested in exploring the field of quantitative finance
Intended Pace: Making good use of my winter break and trying to be a quick learner!
Hi all,
I am a student from the Netherlands and very excited about the course. I am graduating for the Master Econometrics this year and hope to learn C++ and its financial applications by taking this course.
Objective: Learning C++ to apply as a Financial Engineer
Programming Experience: Python, SQL, MATLAB, R, JavaScript, Vue, Java
Current Work: Data Analyst, Full stack developer
Intended pace: Planning to complete the course before March

Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer
Succes! Ik heb deze cursus ontwikkeld! De eerste C++ cursus ooit in NL was in Amsterdam 1990, georganiseerd door miijn bedrijf Datasim.
(Hotel Americain, Amsterdam)
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