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C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread


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Hi there, just joined the C++ intro course. Planned to start much earlier, but a lot of things happened over the past few months at my previous work place and got in the way. Nevertheless, better late than never.

Objective: Learn C++, refresh some knowledge from past programming classes.
Programming experience: Just some elementary first/second year computer science courses (I recall some graph stuffs like brute-forcing traveling salesman problem in the last one I took).
Current work: None, just resigned from a hedge fund research/database analyst role. Admitted to Columbia MFE for Fall 2020 enrollment.
Intended pace of program: Will try to juggle this with some pre-program stuffs from Columbia (bootcamps/career prep seminars) for the next 4 weeks-ish, and then continue at a slower pace after semester starts. I've never used C++ before (only C and Java), but some of the Quantnet C++ course contents seem to overlap with what I've studied before (in different languages) so that might help a bit.

Cody Silvers

Hi, my name is Cody Silvers and I am 1.5 years removed from undergrad and active duty in the USAF. Studied Pure Mathematics. I enrolled in the program to acquire a technical background in C++ programming.

Objective: Learn C++ well to add to my technical skillset

Programming Experience: Not much experience outside of typesetting in LATEX

Current Work: Not related to finance

Intended pace: Finish by end of the year.
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Hi, my name is Lillian, a senior student majoring in finance. It's a great pleasure to meet you guys in this way!

Objective: Learn C++ to enhance programming capability, get more prepared for relevant graduate programs and future work.

Programming Experience: MATLAB, Python, LaTeX and a little R.

Current Work: Preparing to apply for MF and MFE programs.

Intended pace: Within two months.


Hello All, happy to be here.

Objective: Learn C++ for potential job opportunities in prestigious fund, expand my skill set as a developer.

Programming experience: .NET C#, VBA, Python, T-SQL

Current work: quant dev in a brokerage firm on the interest rate side

The intended pace of program: plan to finish c++ for FE and the c11/c14 multidisciplinary in 6 months.
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Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to be a part of this community. Stay Safe!

Objective: To prepare for MFE programs
Programming Experience: Intermediate Python, SQL
Current Work: Master of science in Information [University of Michigan]
Intended pace of program: Finish by the end of this semester

Please feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Best regards,

Gabriel Guerra


Hello Everyone, my name is Yash. Very happy and excited to be a part of this course and community.
Objective: To prepare for MFE programs, have a more clear understanding of programming, and following an organised approach towards the same
Programming Experience: Basics of C, C++ & Python
Current Work: Intern: Equity Advisory and Portfolio Management
Intended pace of program: As soon as I can, but making sure I don't rush through it.

Open to any MFE, Investments and Programming related discussions here as well as on LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with me anytime.

Best Regards,
Yash Kantharia


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Hello everyone, I am Son Tung from Vietnam. Very excited to join the course.

Objective: Learn C++ for MFE program and internship interviews

Programming Experience: Python, VBA (just basic tasks)
Current Work: MFE Student
Intended Pace: As fast as I can !

It's great to talk with you guys, so please feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn anytime !

Best Regards,

Tung Dang
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Hi all, Very happy to have joined the course!

Objective: Learn C++ for a better technical background and expand skills as a developer in Financial sphere
Programming Experience: Python, R, SQL, Some JAVA
Current Work: Big Data developer at a Fintech
Intended Pace: Before End of Year completion

Looking forward to connect to you guys on the forums!

Best, Vincent Weimer


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Hello everyone, my name is Aldo. I am very happy to join this course as I wanted to enroll since some years ago.

Objective: Learn numerical methods for finance in a more interactive way and land interviews
Programming Experience: Python, C#, R, VBA, SQL, Dart, Java, NodeJS
Current Work: Running a dating app. Resigned from risk analytics vendor 4 months ago
Intended Pace: 2-3 months



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Hello, my name is Chris. I'm looking forward to taking the course as a way of finding out if I'd like to do work like this in the future.
Objective: Learn about C++ and explore whether an MFE or MS in Finance makes sense for me.
Programming Experience: Python, R
Current Work: Research Assistant at Federal Reserve Board
Intended Pace: 16 weeks