C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread


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Hi everyone,

Objective: I started this journey way back in 2015 but ultimately pulled out of consideration for the various MFE programs I had applied to due to some life circumstances. No matter how much time passes, I can't stop thinking about this. So I am back with a vengeance and intend to use this course as the launching point to my career in computational finance.

Programming Exp.: Java

Current Work: Strategic finance and Master of Computer Science

Intended pace: I'd like to complete the course in 10 weeks from today.


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Hi, my name is Thomas and I am 2.5 years removed from undergrad. Studied finance, but I am determined to make the transition to quant finance.

Objective: Learn C++ as a prerequisite for MFE applications

Programming Experience: Experience in R, Python, SAS

Current Work: Model Validation

Intended pace: Finish by the end of summer

Binqian Zeng

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C++ Student
Objective: Learn the financial modeling with C++, Meet people in pursuit of similar objectives

Programming Experience: Python, C++, Java, SQL
Current Work: Data Scientist
Intended Pace: Hope to finish everything before the end of September and actively seeking opportunities in Quantitative Finance


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Hello everyone,

My name is Kwame Okrah.
Objective: Learn C++ (through financial engineering examples)
Programming Experience: R (expert level), C (beginner level), Python (beginner level)
Current Work: I am currently a statistician in the biotech industry
Intended Pace: Approx. 3 months



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Hello everyone,

Objective: To learn C++ and see the things that I have been studying in an applied context
Programming experience: Python (basic), VBA
Current work: Broker and MSc Mathematical Finance student
Intended pace of program: I intend to finish it mid-October