C++ Online Certificate Students' intro thread


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Hi, I am a math and cs student in Singapore.

Objective: To enrich my expereience in coding

Programming Exp.: Java, C, MATLAB, R

Current Work: NUS undergraduate

Intended pace: Wish to complete the course before term starts in August

Yifei Li

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Hi, My name is Yifei. I am studying mathematics with management and finance in the UK.

Objective: To enrich my knowledge in coding.

Programming Experience: R, Latex.

Current Work: KCL undergraduate student

Intended pace: Wish to complete the course within 8 weeks


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Hi everyone, My name is Zayn, and I'm really excited to join this course and learn some interesting materials!

Objective: Earn a certificate for preparation of job placements.

Programming Experience: Experienced with Python, C++, Matlab.

Current Work: Upcoming graduate student.

Intended pace: Try to finish by the end of this Summer.